Teacher's Woe

“Put up brave front and go ahead”
“Provide leadership and lead”
“Pick up fast and books you read”
Teacher always advised us to head

Notorious children may quarrel and raise voice
Like crowdie place with heavy movement and noise
They will notice teacher’s absence and ready to poise
Ugly scene with …………………………..

Some one may get up to show little finger
Teacher may ask: ” are you feeling any hunger”
He may reply with pain and say” Sir, little call”
If you don’t permit me, I will simply fall

Teacher may think about next move of children
So many excuses for asking favours in turn
Some one with two fingers may ask for permission
“Sir, I have to respond to nature’s call for admission

Such were naughty gestures to be tackled with
They may make different voices with closed teeth
So much innocence with nothing to complain
They may come with lots of reasons but all in vain

You may find no worry on their face
Rush to the ground for play and race
They will fall and get up for next move
Eagerness on their part to show and prove

If we fail to deliver basic knowledge
They will fail to cover ground and mileage
What is their fault if we don’t prepare them for worst?
How will they know real value of tests for coming first?

It is very fast slipping away from our hand
They turn enemies before becoming friends
Good fatherly advices fall on deaf ears
Its clear impact will be known after years

We do and perform what is expected from us?
We wish to train them but can’t focus
The level is deteriorating and slipping away
Teacher’s have no choice but to make the way

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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I believed that I had heard of a slightly different quote: ...but I, being poor, have only my dreams. I spread my dreams beneath your feet, tread softly, lest you tread on my dreams. Do you have any info on this version?
Absolutely beautiful! Warms the heart...very touching
Wow! Delicate precious dreams. Lovit.👍👍👍
Oh wow rocking my legs, thought and dreams
A wonderful poet❣️
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