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Head Cases Indeed

They must be into drinking lunatic juice or smoking wizzy weed
The Millstreet Town Park vandals are head cases indeed
Perhaps venting their frustration on society
But their vandalizing of a beautiful timber fence does seem all wrong to me

The praises of such people none ever do sing
Any honor to their towns their type never do bring
For most cases of bad behavior one can find some excuse
Theirs is they are not men enough to drink lunatic juice

Suppose they could do worse things in life than wrecking a new timber fence
But their moment of madness does make little sense
Had they helped in building the fence they would not break it down
They will never become heroes in Millstreet Town

So few of us do go through life without taint
And so few ever born to grow into a saint
But the Millstreet Town Park vandals their responsibility to their community they should be made to face
By helping the people given the job the fence that they smashed to replace.

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