Head Games

Empty eyes peering through a crack in the wall
'Everything you've always wanted, '
Was never anything at all.
Aching, sorrowful, and marred skin.
An ink pen full of memory
Now temptation turns to sin.
No Azriel or Emery.
Give me your name and I shall grant your one true wish
The hatred you have earned is the hatred that you dish
Staring down this gravel road
You never would have thought
This is such a heavy load
Not at all what I had sought
The key to redemption lies somewhere far away
I don't know where for sure
But if I did I would not say
For I think I'm done trying, sir.
To you, I raise a toast,
To the one I loved most,
But let you slip away.
Even if I tried again
You'd still have nothing to say.
Love is arrogant,
Love is blind.
Love is something I'll never find.
But I don't deserve more, right?
So let's have another fight.
Call me a thousand names
Keep playing your head games.
Defect someone else's heart
Dig inside her and rip her apart.
You're bored with me now
Though I'm not sure how.
Or why,
I gave you everything.

by Taylor Watts

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