MS (7-31-83 / Newport News, Virginia)


pound and pound
drumbeat on my brain,
bass is thumpin' -
noise implodes
light explodes
intensified - crucified
shock waves rolling
ever growing -
snowing a fever,
chill in my blood
a cold, moonless night,
pain is my light -
lighting is thunder’s
delight, enjoying together
excruciating pulse
rupturing at all cost
deep in my head -
abounding and sounding
like a train derailment
splintering my spine
littering up my mind,
sharp and drastic
stretched elastic
snap, crackle, pop,
I feel like my head
is going to drop
cracked on the cruel
rock, ragged and rough
drooling blood and guts,
clean up with up a mop
on aisle seven of my head
glass stacked tall
slightest jar will
cause all to fall.

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wow i was speechless when i read this..masterpiece..~Hazel