TH (23-09-1969 / Vellore)


Yesterday I had headache. My wife gave me a hot cup of coffee. I took it and felt better. And I wrote this.

You get me with your grasp
And sting me like a wasp
Unable to get out, I gasp
And desperately search for an asp(irin) .

You don’t let me do my work
Not even lift a fork
You don’t let me think
Not even to wink

You hammer inside my head
Make me lie in the bed
Pump up the pressure of my blood
And drown me in your flood

I change docs in vain
Nothing cures this pain
My energy goes down the drain
Wife or headache; two sides of the same coin.

In this poem, I depict my wife as other side of the coin of headache. The other of good is bad and bad is good.

She is exactly like the headache in the way she grasps me and my mind and make me lie in the bed..But she is other side of headache; she is soothing.

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