A Call

Raise the voice for your abducted rights
Against the discrimination and agonal plight
In a world - driven by race and power
Stop dozing at your zone; don’t act like coward.

Accepting everything is not called life
Stand by your own ground to come alive
Do not fear; do not care the power of hate
Come out blood rinsed to change your fate.

Your blood will talk for you, afloat them all
Sometimes blood is needed, for revolution’s call
Many years of your drudgery, in their apathy
No one cares for you only history shows sympathy.

So come out together from the dreadful womb
Stop living like dead in the house like tomb
You’ve to do it here; don’t wait for God to ring bells
As we have only one life; then there is nothing else.

by Sourav RCY

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Gotta give you credit for writing something fairly original about heartache. Thanks for not comparing your tears to rain falling on your pillow.