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Heads Held High (C) 10-13-09
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Heads Held High (C) 10-13-09

Buryin the kids thoughts but I still know we can
Hypocritically Obama let them still say yes we can
Give em hope and a choice fate aint cut the strings yet
They couldn’t have because I still have more rhymes to get
Forget it let em know we got our hands held high
We need to press on until we make the Klan yell hi
Give em somethin to hear, talk about, anything
They’ll march into the sight of brilliance without any bling
Show them blindness is eyeless and we captivate the colors
You see I know we can share with each other
Mind over money not a problem you’d know if he
Gave two letters to explain his pockets would be M T
Had to revise my communication the catalyst for the pendin deceased
As I progress in age though my wisdom seems to increase
We need more positivity in this world so give me a mic
I’d be happy to peel off the radio only what “ignorants” like
Too many oblivious to the real issues and struggles today
Branded war feel these kids demand it today
Gruesome killin David you truly will be missed
Its ok to those who mourn one day he’ll breathe through his lips
And to everybody out there that has been lost to violence
We can see the non joking conspiracy that’s why the crime is
At an all time high and the almighty will make his way
To destroy the destruction and praise we only will say
But keep ya head up to those that had no one to tuck em in
I didn’t either so I’d use my Viruses solely to plug em in
Place in them a marker that will always stay forever be in they head
It’s easier said than done, but when done its better than just being said
Leave the planet with a continuous legacy so great their minds are swirled
To the world, you may be someone, but, to someone, you may be the world
Remember that! ! ! !

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INSPIRING! i truly think you're very very talented!