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Heal The World
WO (3 february 1995 / lagos)

Heal The World

Planet Earth, wounded son of blissful birth
I miss your thrilling dance, your sunny days
Where are they, the beautiful flowers of mirth?
Only faded forests, I see, only the sick cattle that graze.

Planet Earth, song of a fallen knight
A blasted rock, an overblown flower, a blurred sight
I miss the caress of those tender kisses
How are those lips now? Shattered into irreparable pieces?

Planet Earth, wounded son of blissful birth
In this dusk, beneath the ascending moon
Where has it gone, the music of mirth?
Only the crying voices, I hear, only the shrieking tune.

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Hello, Fellow Poet, I too wrote a Poem based on Heal The World By Michael J. Jackson. take a gander, I am sure, I am one of many poetic Activists on this site that wants nothing more that the earth we know back to its former glory. under the watchful eyes of my God, Our Lord, In Nominae Patris, Et Filis, et Espirute Sancti. If we we change our ways, and care for the world, like God Intended us, We can have the world we always dreamed of.