Heal Thy Wounds, Oh Sage

Poem By gopal venu

How can I bear you
Bled and blind
Numb in pain
Heaving words
In whirlpools within
In utter disdain
Virtually for no reason
My enchanting girl

Beloved girl
With the same blood
As of mine
How can I hear
Your sobs
Melt in between
The rattling stones
The surging pellets
And alien growls
Kiss of death looming around
But no toys
Having forces and foes
But no friends
Having fires and fatwas
But no lullabies
And melodies

The grand - grand sage
Our father
And father of the Devas
Asuras and Nagas
The sparkling star among the seven
Who cut the mountain of Varaha-mulla
Moved the veil of Sati-saras
Reclaiming the heaven on earth
Killing Jalodbhava, the demon
Making the heights livable
And gifted
To Shiv-Sakthi as their Vihar

The Masters
Of Thy kingdom
The 23 Pandavas
The great Bhimsen
Who drove the contours
From Ganga to Gandhar
And Kanauj to Khandahar
Ashoka the creator of Srinagar
Didda the valiant Queen
The feather-clad Cow-God
Who gifted the valley to Gonand
And so on
The colours changed
Over and again
In the garden of Saffron

The grand
Ensemble of love and lust
Where heaven meets earth
Gods take bath
In the lake of nectar
And goddesses
Bow before thy beauty

The mighty heights
With fluffy beards
From where your son
Jatayu flew yojanas downhill
Steering the Princes
To the daughter of earth
And slain by the wrath of Chandrahasa

The grand - grand
Daughter of the sage
The stones that hurt you
Sore us
The pellets that blind you
Bleed our eyes
The pain you bear
Endure us

Oh, dear child
Let the grand old sage
Heel your wounds
Let Thy hands
That drained Sati-Saras
Wipe your cheeks
And the rivers of red
Flow pure again

Kashmir is in fact Kashyap-mir named after the sage Kashyap who is believed to be the author of Kashyap Sanhita. Neel, his son was recorded to be the first ruler of Kashmir way back 8,000 BC (some says 10,000 BC) . Fortunately, Neelmat Purana is not lost unlike other ancient texts and we got immense knowledge about the history of Kashmir. This book contradicts the modern history dating back Indian history to 3000-4000 BC.
R Venugopal

Comments about Heal Thy Wounds, Oh Sage

I never knew India has such long period of civilization and history. An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and elegantly brought forth in heightened poetic diction with conviction. A beautiful poem indeed. Thanks for sharing Venu.

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