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Healed With A Kiss
TD (12/6/41 to? / Amersham, Buckinghamshire)

Healed With A Kiss

I've read what healing hands can do
To heal both pain and woes.
They heal the sick and injured,
But how they do - who knows?

Now I remember my young days;
With powers just like this,
My mother fixed so many wounds
With just her healing kiss.

Of course, the healing's from within
And must come from the heart
To send get-well instructions
To the sore or niggling part.

A finger cut, a poor grazed knee,
Hands frozen from the cold,
'Let mummy kiss it better'
And it's gone, lo and behold!

No medicine, no nasty pills,
No bandages or plaster -
By miracle or magic,
Mum's kiss worked so much faster.

That was so many years ago
But leaves me with a feeling
That somewhere from an unknown source
Hands get the power for healing.

You have to stitch a gaping wound,
A fracture needs a crutch,
But mothers' kisses, healing hands,
Can do so very much.

ps. In emergencies, dad's kisses work just as well!

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