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You were my first.
My sweet nothings,
and first kiss.
I cannot help but
to miss your
touch, your smell, the
sound of your voice.

Time reveals
the truth. Alone,
you are surrounded
by a thick fog I
cannot penetrate.

Nor do I wish to.
Yet I cannot fill
this void. There
is no band-aid
big enough for this

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Comments (3)

As the others said, simple yet complex. It was great! ! :)
Great wording and, simple style I really liek this one. Great job!
Simple, yet poignant. 'There/is no band-aid/big enough for this/pain.' is prolly my favorite line in here, but, of course this is tyler speaking. You achieve the feeling of despair and sorrow, at least that's what I think. Remember the writing tip for all ages and you cannot fail. -Bond. James Bond.