Dark, Dark Dream Of Scare...

In my haunting dark, dark dream of scare
Into the depths where none dare
In the darkness of this night mare
The place where I live with fear in the air

Who would dream to venture there
In this dream of darkness despair
I go there without a living care
With nothing at all I wear

No weight upon me to tare
There's no light to see anything anywhere
Yet I travel there carrying burdens, I'm aware
Though my spirit and soul does that tear

I go there without any beware
A place where nothing is fair
Spiralling down an endless set of stair
On my neck, upright stands my hair

With my mind open wide, all of me I bare
To find that I am torn wide open in my lair
Until I'm nothing but blood on a chair
Until I wake with an open eyed stare…


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