Healing For The ,Heart

Poem By shannon pollard

Healing For The Heart
you and I never really got along
one good memory i have of you
is when we watched Antwone Fisher at the movies
was hard to watch my 230 pound step dad transform into Ethiopian child on a respirator
his mute voice could only tap out a message with a pen or dial phone numbers
why were you in denial?
you should have taken better care of your self
you could have survived marfan syndrome
at his funeral i trembled with terror i sensed spirits and demons passed through my temple
the dead polluted air brought sorrow and sadness into the room
anger burned my eyes like acid, throat desert dry, snot dripping out my nostrils
The Ministers words cut through everyone layers like an onion
step grandmother was a wailing baby
my step dads sister called the rest of the family but she disrepected us by skipping our names
mom contrained her reaction
couldnt be fucking mature for one fucking day and put their grudges aside for the funeral
me, mom and little brothers stepped up to the casket to say goodbye intert body
3 year old brother who never talks cried his heart out was shocked to see he understood
i paused when i faced his lifeless corpse
all my regrets and mistakes flashed before eyes
pain struck a nerve cord in brain
time's hand was slipping away from me
what was I going to do?
whats gonna happen to this family without you around?
him and my unknown feelings lowered into a 6 foot hole
crane vomited dirt to cover grave
everyone took turns shovelling soil on top to show their respect
farewell Rick Mapp hope your soul ascended into heaven
rest in eternal peace.

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