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Healing Old Wounds
HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Healing Old Wounds

It's so unreal
How much anger I feel.
It really winds me up when I think of you
And all the things you used to do.

You pushed me to one side
Ignored me when I cried.
My problems with you I was unable to share
You really didn't seem to care.

I protested so much
But you still felt the need to touch.
You said it would make you happy
And stop you from being so snappy.

I was going through changes
My body developing in stages.
I didn't really understand
Wasn't given a helping hand.

I was unable to talk to my Mother
Had to be responsible for my brothers.
So much to do at such a young age
At times I felt trapped in a cage.

I wanted you to explain
The reason for inflicting so much pain.
But you won't talk
You just turn your back and walk.

You left me alone to defend
Whilst you deny and pretend.
You won't even try
To make things right, why?

You didn't treat the boys in this way
You never listened to what I had to say.
I gave you an opportunity
To put right some of this misery.

But you don't want to know
So the distance between us continues to grow.
It hurts so much inside
That the Mum I want and need has died.

I wish I could just let you go
And that these loving feelings wouldn't show.
I want to cut you out of my life for good
And there is every reason why I should.

You don't deserve to be happy
And certainly don't deserve to have me.
You don't want me, so here I go
No longer do I want to know.

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