Healing The Brokenhearted

To the father that I never had
When I was just a lad
A word of comfort a tender touch
Would that have been too much?

You could have stopped the falling rain
Falling on a heart of pain
But you were the dark cloud up above
And the rain that fell was devoid of love

To rob a child of what he needs
Is the sowing of the loveless seeds
That will fail to grow but die in the ground
A darkened place where there's no joyful sound

Can someone give what they have never known?
Can a field give fruit that was never sown?
Can the loveless child find life among the dead?
Or shall he ever walk the barren road instead?

Where can the loveless man find what he needs
Who will plough these hearts and plant these seeds
The Father who sent down His Son
Will fall like rain and now the work's begun

This seed alone is the answer from above
Tis Christ the King, it is the Father's love
To every broken heart and orphaned child
That was lost and alone and growing wild

You have a heavenly Father, whose arms are opened wide
He plants His precious seed and He plants it deep inside
And the heart that once was hard and could not feel
Begins to beat anew as it begins to heal.

by Frank McEleny

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