OY (Sometime Before The Universe Started / Somewhere Out There)

Because Of Crystal Meth

I have a secret.
Made from all my friends.
I'll take it to my grave.
When life on earth ends.

I'd like to tell somebody.
But who would want to know.
To them I'm just a girl.
Who's feeling never show.

Its been hiding deep inside me.
This pain I never tell.
Tears fill my eyes.
The remenates of hell.

I dont know when it started.
Or how it even began.
Scars across my wrist.
From blood stained hands.

I appeared an ordinary girl.
But nothing was the same.
I turned to drugs for help.
Thats when it all changed.

I abandoned my friends.
They didnt know what was wrong.
I got kicked out of my home.
The girl they knew was gone.

It was a downward spriral.
From which I would surely die.
Buried six feet under.
From my lies made of lies.

I wish I could go back.
To a different time and place.
Become the girl I was.
With the innocent face.

Drugs was not the least of it.
I had other problems to.
I was living on the streets.
It all began with you.

That night I try to erase.
A forever nightmare.
I tried to tell somebody.
But no one ever cared.

I couldn't get help.
And turned to drugs instead.
My friends tried their best.
But the old me was dead.

It was over before they knew it.
I was obsessed with the high.
I did anything for money.
The quickest way to die.

I hit rock bottom.
When I robbed a conveince store.
Trying to get some money.
I've done it twice before.

My addiction is a monster.
An unscapable disease.
An impossible addiction.
From which theres no release.

It started with a secret.
And ended in my death.
A forever goodbye.
Because of crystal meth.

* This poem has no relation to me and is inspired by the poem Crystal Meth*

by Silence Dogood

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our hospitals and the terrible situations in our hospitals. you hve brought to light all these in a beautiful poem. love this poem. this is an eyeopener.. tony