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Hear Me
EM (13/06/1990 / )

Hear Me

Help, can anyone hear
This voice, I hope it’s dear
I’ve lost, I’m loosing grip
Please, I cannot slip
My wrists, I’m tempted to do
The knife, is begging me too
My hands, shiver as I
Tell my self, it’s time to die
My face, the mirror can speak
Help me, the words I seek
But no one, has ever come
And what I must do has to be done
The rain falls always on me
Clouding my sight, I cannot see
Help, please, I’m begging you
Help me, I need you to
Can anyone ever hear?
My threatened voice is crying near
My tears form the oceans soul
Your dreaded hearts are made of coal
I ask you close, and you drift away
I will not go with out my say
You took my heart and ripped it open
All my words yet to be spoken
My blood is pouring, my body stilled
I lie there, myself I’ve killed
My soul smiles, I lie on the bed
For a first I’m happy, because I’m dead

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