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Hear My Heart

How could someone so sweet
And fragile, be so lost...

Why do tears and sorrow seem to be there?
I wish I could make everything better,
I can still feel your thoughts...

Why do I still want to hold you in my arms?

You have such a lovely smile,
Let all the tears go
so that your sorrow is no more...

Yesterdays dreams should just stay there,
Love the new dreams,
They will help you find out who you are,
In your heart it holds the answer...

Open your eyes so that everything will clear,
The mist is just from all your fears...

Your doubts are understandable,
But Just be what your heart tells you to be.

A ray of hope from up above
will be with you when it is needed...

That beautiful smile
shall reappear once again,
And you will find your way
because you have your little man.

A gift that I know you cherish,
Keep him close to your heart
For it will make you feel
That everything is all right...

Smile so that everyone can see
how big your heart is.

Just laugh at all the nonsense,
And smile at all the stupidity
for when the day is gray,
that smile makes the blues go away.

Save your tears for Happiness and Joy,
that come to you along your way.

My heart still bleeds
for your every thought.
I ache for your warmth,
I cry for your sorrows,

But my heart still beats
for voice.

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