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Hear The Wind

Hear the wind
The echo of the sound
The cry of the newborn
Life it is found

See the rain
The rain drops they fall
Mother comforts child
His christened name she calls

See the sun
Beneath is the boy
Surrounded by friends
Surrounded by toys

See him smile
His laughs so worth while
So many questions why
He asks about life

See him stand
From a boy to a man
He thinks he has the answers
He thinks he understands

See him be one day
One day so lonely
Till a woman she finds him
And fulfills his dreams

See the wisdom
Through the years he has learned
For wisdom is suffered
Through years and earned

See the old man
As he holds his wife
As the tears fall
As life passes her by

Now he walks
So frail and alone
Hear the wind…
Coming to take him home.

Copyright 2006 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar

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The story of life from your poetic words. A splendid read!