Hearing Loss

I used to hear just fine,
but that was yesterday;
Now I'm going deaf my friend,
I miss you by the way...

You do not know,
nor will you ever know,
what caused my ears
to fail;
Should I renounce you
as my pal?
Would it do any good
to weep and wail?

A chance of fate, my buddy,
You knew not what you did -
You never meant to harm me,
And the sceret from you, I've hid.

They say it's getting worse,
and there's not much they
can do -
But I don't hear as bad as that,
For me, it isn't true.

Maybe I'm deluding myself,
Perhaps it's worst than I think;
Perhaps I'm on the edge
and hovering on the brink.

Only time will tell, my friend,
it's all that ever matters -
I've only time to kill, you see,
Before my reality shatters.

by david lessard

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i poem very powerful david 10