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Hearing Truth Is Not A Child's Play..

So many Y's...
they never end...
Where is the Z
to follow the Y..
Or is it that..
we have just closed our eyes...

To know it all..
at times is difficult..
Coz hearing the truth
is not a child's play..

We like the slumber
so much..
that we find the light
is too blinding..
We like the shackles
so much...
that we find the freedom
is too binding..
We like fear so much..
that we find love is hurting...
We like stagnation so much..
that we find growth is strutting..

We like Y's so much
that we never see the Z

the ultimate Z...
the Zen of life...
to end all strife...

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Comments (4)

Such a strong title needed to be complimented with purposeful verses, and you have done just that.
Therefore my dear chidren, Y is a function of Z...Y1 Y2 Y3...Yn all alike! Thanks Shweta...despite all your 'whys' there you arrive at a good conclusion...truthful words beautifully told...10
very poetical i love it i am starting to become a fan continue on :) i love your writing your the best and as you said to me your a ROCKSTAR! ! ! !
lovely poem again do read this book if get hold of it...the tibetan book of living and dying.....