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Poem By Miss Understood

I don’t know what to say
Not until the mistake is made
It’s abundantly clear I can’t say no
So round the spiral down I go
My friends tell me she’s a sinking ship
Just watch yourself in dreams for it
But do I pull away no
Can I say no way no
My god if she knew
Just what I’m going through…

….And ha oh why oh
Today’s page I am so
The mind of wrong, became so strong
In her presence she brings out
Inside of me the way I felt
Like a fool I was her tool,
And the like the world In her I hoped
In those nights when she couldn’t cope
One bad night and it’s done
One bad night and away she runs

…All along time my hearts displaced
A thought of kissing her smiling face
So it got weird the more I feared
As hope grew mold my rock it rolled
I got close; hey it’s up to me
What else can I do but human be
There’s the way I feel, and yeah it’s real
Which makes it hard, when choosing cards?
But if I can’t walk away when goodbye she says…?

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