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Heart Ache
KR (11-01-1991 / anantapur)

Heart Ache

i turned fifty five
i slipped into a pool
not into a water pool
but i slipped into pool of memories
i was twenty five then
i was travelling in a train
due to this age drain
i forgot from where and when
to my front there sat a lady
she was as pure as snow
her smile shared silent relation with wind
Oh, i fell in love with her
her eyes welcomed the warmth of my love
as if asking me to sit beside her
after a long lapse, now i regret
for not daring then
even now every night
my heart aches for her

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Comments (3)

Nice poem- sad...
one should act in time.then he can avoid such aching memory voted10 surya
I actually love this mate. Such a good poem! ..good luck with her x