Heart And Soul Revised

A heart can break without a sound.
A tear can fall to hit the ground.
No one standing near can tell.
There's not a sign to break the spell.
A soul can shatter separate.
still leave the body standing straight.
The outer shell can smile and talk.
While the soul is on its lonely walk.

Bereft of light and peace it flies
Its quest to reach towards the sky.
Blackness holds it fast in space.
Forever locked in time and place.
Just one touch of human hand
can raise that soul to reach for light
Then mend the heart its hope revive.
To lift its wing's to give it flight

A rescued soul is unconfined.
No chains can hold it fast.
It flies towards the heavens.
Then comes falling back to earth
Cascading down it twinkles,
like a thousand shining stars.
It steals its light from heavens brim
then walks it round the world.

When the human heart has hope renewed
its flight makes angels weep
It overcomes each earthly task.
Its promises to keep.
The path it follows straight and true
Its destiny to meet.
Its sighs can reach to heaven,
When love is what it seeks.

by Noreen Carden

Comments (33)

Very nice, indeed. Love the imagery, diction and work you put into this.
How easily a heart can be broken. And how much healing can be found in the compassionate words, the kind actions of another heart. Beautiful imagery, such lucid writing. The cadence of the rhythm and the gentleness of the rhyme only accentuate the beauty of this piece. Well done! Bravo! NB :)
a lovely poem. shows how important human contact can be.
a lovely poem. shows how important human contact can be.
Outstanding write Noreen with inspired lines bursting with such beauty about how lonely people can feel but when somebody reaches out to them it gives them hope for a better future! Congratulations on your stunning poem been selected as poem of the day!
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