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Heart And The Lonely Tear

A dropp glittered at the corner,
With a blink rolled away
While the rueful heart, the mourner
Desolately queried,

'Oh pearl of my soul,
Light of my eye,
Why did you leave me
Without saying goodbye?
I who loved you so,
Kept you hidden in my cove
Don't I get to choose
When I set you loose? '

'Countless memories you hold,
Moments from past bittersweet,
Passion, feelings replete;
Ocean of grief in your fold
How could you go?
Don't you have anything to say? '

Down the wet trail, at the end
Stands a lone tear,
like the fading moon at dawn it pleads,
Hear oh heart that bleeds,

' Oh lord of my being,
My savior, oh my darling, '

Said the poor thing in dismay,

'Its not me but you, who did betray!
That first glance, and the maiden fair,
Indeed a pure chance I'd say.
And yet, you lost in her thought
In perpetual cycle caught'

' Prancing through the paths of beauty,
Alas, you forgot your duty.
Like flowers of spring lost in autumn
She left you bereft.
Unbidding, lost in emotion
You distanced me from your bosom
I who lived so near, I who was so dear! '

Having said its final utterance
The tear made its disappearance
While the heart resolute in sorrow
mourns hollow-eyed, harrowed

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A very nice piece from the heart.Keep it up.