Heart Attack

You’re walking along
Without a care.
You’re gasping for air.

Your chest feels tight.
Your pulse; it falters
The world gets dim
As your vision alters.

You feel yourself stagger,
You feel a fool.
You say, ‘it’s only indigestion’,
As you try to stay cool.

Find somewhere to sit
You look for a seat.
You’ll be alright in a moment
But just now, you’re beat.

You’re aware of people,
Hurrying by,
You’d like them to help you
But they won’t meet your eye.

The pain gets greater
You stare at the floor.
It’s not indigestion
You’re pretty damn sure

A face swims into view
You hear a voice say.
‘Try and rest easy,
The medics are on their way’.

Your world goes black
Consciousness gone
You awake in hospital
The fight has begun.

by Brian Joseph Dickenson

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