TA (27 july / nigeria)

Heart Break

I gave out the best i had
You gave me your worst, your bad
Each time i remember everything you did, it breaks me more than the Berlin wall did
i thought in you i could trust
But my heart and soul with spears of lies you thrust
Even though i loved you so i just had to let you go
i hope you would move on cause i have.
i cried myself out at nights
In silence and pain, till i became emotionally tight
With each tear dropp i realized all you said were lies
i thought in you i could lean on
It turned out that you pushed me away the very day we started
It sad but i had to Let you go
i hope you find that one who would love you like i did

i smile when i look back at what we had so many ups and down, tears and joy
But We weren't just meant to be
Even though i tried to give you another chance, my mind was ready to go
i thought i wouldn't survive loneliness
A long walk of loneliness, now i made my way out of it
I'm happy i let you go
i know you would find that one who would love you, cause I've found that special one.

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