Heart Breaking

I wonder if he means it
Or if he really cares
Do we still have it
the love we once shared

this i know not
but i hope it is still there
my heart is broken
might not even be there

Will i ever get it back
i will not say yes or no
does he mean what is says
this i do not know

Our love is full of lies
hiden messages are bestowed
will i ever be able to trust him
this i do not know

to me this is heart breaking
to you it might not be
when you go through it
then you will know

by Candi Sansing

Comments (3)

Girl I love this poem
Great poem. Your heartache is clearly seen. Btw, we women are made to be strong. Be tough, ok.. this too shall pass :)
This is quite painful, be strong, all will work out.Candi