SQ (19/02/95 / San Fernendo)

Heart Broken

I was told that I should not get involved with you,
But I was disobedient,
I wanted to know for sure,
And now for this broken heart,
I cannot find a cure,

Our relationship was going well,
Unitl the day that I fell,
Down to my knees,
Tears in my eyes,
Grey clouds appeared in the once blue skies,

I couldn't believe it,
You broke my heart,
And I was seriously warned from the start,
Why would you do this to me?
After I had faith in you,
I believed that you would be faithful and true,

I fell deeply in love with you,
So deep that I felt faint when you said ' We're through'
I felt your pain when you were sad,
And I always made the effort and made you glad,
You broke my heart that I gave to you,
I hate you now and that's NOT true,

I couldn't eat, sleep or even think,
I could hardly even remember to blink,
My eyes were red,
My face was pale,
My head was aching,
And I was definately not faking,
I was hospitalized,
And thromatized,
I even thought about getting baptised,
I still love you though,
And what I say is NOT lies.

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Comments (3)

I know the feeling of being broken and its not a good feeling. U feel like there wont ever be any hope to find someone that wont treat u bad. U also feel like u dont want to trust anyone again because of the people that have taken advantage of that love. U feel angry one minute but u still love that person with all ur heart and all that u have. In time that pain will heal and u will be able to forgive them, but u wont forget what was lost. U wont forget the love either because it will still be there. U r a very good writer and should keep it up. U will succeed in anything u set ur mind to. U just got to believe. I almost died last year and god gave me a miracle so uve got to believe in maricles and they will surely happen for u. Urs truely krystal. feel free to read my poems and comment. lots of love and best of wishes. U have the potential to make it
awesome write! sincere all the way through. i definitely felt the poem.
this is sad i have gone though this type of thing before and i can tell you that it does hurt and putting into a poem always helps i hope you can get better and better and never be left behiend in this world. this was nice -ryan