Thirteenth Floor

Looking from the thirteenth floor
the gardener flutters like an orange bee
the tractor moves like a giant toy
trees move like dark horses
with manes spread out in the wind
a sparrow flies across the last horizon
I can see the blue blue sky only.

Like an invalid confined to his bed
I watch on and on
All I can see the wind
wind again wind again wind only
then long lasting silence.

Look behind and beyond
before you leap from the
thirteenth floor
into the bluest horizon.

by Daisy Pereira

Comments (3)

I know the feeling of being broken and its not a good feeling. U feel like there wont ever be any hope to find someone that wont treat u bad. U also feel like u dont want to trust anyone again because of the people that have taken advantage of that love. U feel angry one minute but u still love that person with all ur heart and all that u have. In time that pain will heal and u will be able to forgive them, but u wont forget what was lost. U wont forget the love either because it will still be there. U r a very good writer and should keep it up. U will succeed in anything u set ur mind to. U just got to believe. I almost died last year and god gave me a miracle so uve got to believe in maricles and they will surely happen for u. Urs truely krystal. feel free to read my poems and comment. lots of love and best of wishes. U have the potential to make it
awesome write! sincere all the way through. i definitely felt the poem.
this is sad i have gone though this type of thing before and i can tell you that it does hurt and putting into a poem always helps i hope you can get better and better and never be left behiend in this world. this was nice -ryan