Heart Divided, Mind Shattered

If anybody asks me if I am happy
I would definitely say I am not
Having lost the meaning of happiness
between now and last night, I am sad.

Tomorrow, if anybody asks the same
I would jump in glee and say yes
I am definitely because there's me
The other side that longs to be free.

Yet again, in the future if time's short
And nothing is going right with work
I would be lost for words on what counts
For happiness - my freedom or serfdom.

You make me jump in anticipation
Whenever you have the gumption
But somewhere your procrastination
Causes a break in my exultation...

If it only depended on me, I work alone
but so much hinges on what you want done
Your heart divided, your mind shattered
We fell short, we are now fettered...

by Doris Cornago

Comments (29)

Life itself is a divded experience, sometimes it's pleasure sometimes it's pain.
Happiness is- o the golden deer o the hen of golden egg laid o the white elephant so cost; so dot dot dot of breath in this hand it is easily touched but no more abruptly! ! ! ! Happiness is the mind condition on basis of theory of relativity! great 10+++++
Dear Doris Beautifully expressed feelings. I did like it. I agree with you. we are what we think, our best friend and best enemy is none other than ourselves. If we love self, w e will love the world., Remain blessed. KEEP SMILING, Regards mamutty chola
Brilliant thought provoking rendition crafted with artistic brilliance. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing Doris.
lovely poem...great rhymes you can enjoy while reading... Yes, its true a heart divided is mind shattered...10+++++++++++++
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