Heart Doctor

I took my Mother to Dr. Shakoor
It was only yesterday
He had her pacemaker checked to be sure
Everything was working OK

The guy from Jude was the very same dude
Who put it in years before
The check went fine and he had to conclude
Great, just what it was made for!

The upper chamber needed the most help
Her pacemaker played the song
The lower chamber never seemed to yelp
And pulse amplitude was strong

We sat in one of doc's rooms for an hour
Mother wondered where he was
I said that there was no need to be sour
He'll show up he always does

Well the doctor showed and Mother just beamed
She was like a little girl
She so loved his eyes and it almost seemed
Like he was in the same whirl

With results in hand the doctor began
To give Mother peace of mind
By caressing her soul this kindly man
Rose higher than all mankind

(Dumple ~ December,2005)

by John Dustman

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