Heart Felt

I thought I would see what with words I could do
wrote a few poems, well quite a few
and skilfully made a point or two.
But I found that I couldn't do with words
what the words, alone can do.

I listened to the music that made them dance
found rhythmic and lyrical ways to say
what the dancing music had played.
But I found with the music I could not make it play
the purest sounds that in my heart did lay.

I listened to my heart, in stillness, bright, not dark.
I asked if the words might shine
as they danced to the music that wasn't mine.
I sit and watch, wait patiently,
wonder if my prayer, will ever appear,
in the words we see.

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

A wonderful poem from your heart. A thought provoking write, with a soft mellow centre. love and hugs Ernestine XXX
good poem. for some reason, while i was reading it - it was very calm. it has a calming affect? ! ? good work : ]
I feel all poets have indeed felt this agony and many times defeated by words! I will post a poem I wrote to the very subject. I enjoyed! Keep the pen flowing!
Great write David. It is difficult, at least for me, sometimes to convey all the meaning that I'm looking for with simple words, but you do a great job. Thanks Richard