(10/6/74 / San Diego, CA)

Heart In Mourning

His creation
The gambit within her heart
Many different directions
In which her emotions
Have nowhere to go
But downward
In his low self esteem

It's a game
Even if all
Is unknown to both
All is a natural tendency
For good, bad and to worst

He knows
How to make her feel guilty
When everything is his fault
Averting attention
By exclaiming
It is all about her
When it's obviously all about him

Still, she tries proving to the world
How powerful their love is
In a weakened state
Trying to convince her heart
That everything will be better
And everything
Will be happily ever after
As she so powerfully states

He knows all of her weaknesses
And uses them all against her own will
Making her feel trapped
With nowhere to go
Using her fear of loneliness
To make himself feel stronger
Each moment they spend in denial

Such a drug it all is
Her addiction gets worse by the day
And the nights alone she cries
Wishing there was some kind of escape

Just another sad tragedy of society
Beauty enslaved by bi polar dreams
Created by the darkness of this insidious soul
Yet, this insidious soul
Believes he is doing this beauty a favor
By revolving the world around himself
In his own righteous splendor
He feels he can never do anything wrong

He will eventually break her into pieces
And then move onto his next conquest
Polluting the sea where the fish once flowed freely

I feel her pain
If only she knew how much

Who is she?
Let's just say someone
Out of many
Redundancies, carried on
Over and over again

She has many faces
Shapes and sizes
If only it became, they
There have been so many hearts
That I have sadly seen destroyed

I have no shame
Nor judgment in fact
Just sadness
So much sadness
Knowing this cruel cycle
Will never be broken

She is so beautiful
If only she knew how to reach
Deeper within her own soul

From this
My heart is in mourning
What is love, anymore?

For her my heart remains in mourning
But, still I know
She will someday become strong
The light will shine
All the darkness away

And then everyone
Will see the true power of love
It shines in unconditional paradise
Endless and beyond

And then Paradise will be within her heart
This I know for sure

Love, is stronger than anyone will ever know
Love, True love is such a feeling to behold

It exists, somehow, someway
Who really knows how much?

There will be no mourning
Someday, as the light
Forever shines strong

Forever and Beyond

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For her my heart remains in mourning But, still I know She will someday become strong The light will shine All the darkness away.........touching expression having nice theme. This is so beautiful poem on heart and soul with nice diction.10