Heart Let's Talk

Heart, let's talk
Enough with the aching
So what if the phone
did not ring?
It's not the end
of everything...

You asked if he really cares,
maybe he does,
or who could really tell?
Yet you knew it well,
Love is a game
of head and tail,
In every given prospect
any potential can fail

Heart smarten up,
You can only be broken so much,
The resting ground he offered
For your tired soul,
maybe it's not there at all.
oh not at all...not at all.

So say goodbye to Him
Like a tiny sliver
in your weary sole
After all...
you only get one life to live
and then no more, no more....

August 12,2007 (1: 52)

by reinalie jorolan

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Great! ! ! Keep writing pal.