Heart Lying In Defeat

The irony of this thought will fade
And you won’t even be able to look me in the face
I know what you did
And that night I found what you hid
You said it was only a one time thing
So I sat there and watched her leave
You promised it was okay
But, I had to watch her leave more than just that day
Her body always fair and supple
But, you swore I was better
I took those words and hung on to them forever
They made my pain fade
That was with what you paid
But, my tears burned and it was such a deep pain
My soul now tattered and my heart now bled dry
You took this to far all you did was lie
I wanted it to work but, you let it die
I wanted you more but, you wouldn’t try
Our love gave me a natural high
But, what we were meant for was sin
I don’t try to compete with your ways you’re too sly
And every night those tears helped me get by
And every day those looks from you will make me last through the hour
But, the time will come when I won’t fake it
My anger will shine through
And the truth of how you hurt me will lay naked
And this irony of this thought will be a bold red
The color of all the blood my heart has shed
This is what we get when ignore lies
This how I deal with the death of our perfect life
This is what will come when you cheat
A perfect heart lying defeat

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