Heart Of A Ghost

The first time that I saw you
I was transfixed
You looked almost like a tear
Neat.. pure.. solemn...
Like no one has ever touched you
No one ever had the chance
You're so beautiful
Unwavering against nature
Untouched.. unspoiled..
And the way you gaze at the pouring rain outside
made me want to cry...
If only I could hold you...
If only you can feel me...
But then, again, no...
For like you
No one has ever touched me
No one did
No one ever had the chance...
And while you go on enchanting me
I'd go on loving you.. unseen...

by aislemyth

Comments (3)

That was sweet good write
I sometimes feel the same way, and this was very captivating to read. GOOD WORK! ! !
i love. you write like a young girl first falling in love. sincerely, john.