JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

Heart Of Darkness

My heart is in darkness,
Each and every day.
All is so dreadful,
Nothing goes my way.

I've walked every valley,
Forged every stream.
I keep searching and searching,
But I never find my dream.

I've prayed to God,
Again and again.
But if He has ever heard me,
I cannot remember when.

God has forsaken me,
I will never know why.
Sitting here in loneliness,
No more reason to try.

Now God is my enemy,
To him I will not confide.
My spirit has cast him away,
I'll go to the other side.

Living in hopelessness,
Much despair and dread.
By this very night,
I shall be dead.

No more fighting,
Never again any fear.
I shall not go on,
Another day, month or year.

So to you and everyone,
I say goodbye and farewell
For my soul shall be black,
Soon Burning in hell.

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things will be better soon, my friend james, hugs