JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

Heart Of Poetry

The mystery of words, wisdom of the heart to each
Angelic form, the voice of emotion in verse.

The melody of heart speak in words that feels the
Emotion to express the deepness of feeling in the mind.
Words that connect in the main thoughts.

Thoughts of words flow to the emotion to make meaning,
To the essence that moves, to the sensitivity inside emotion
Through the words.

The intellectual mind with the knowledge of experience power of
Wisdom transcend to composition to unlock the perfect will of
Words, justify hidden truth.

The magnificent power compose words gives roots
Blossom and bring fruits to the heart of humanity.

Love kind words are power to win oneself to transform the
Beauty of inside emotion to one particular individual.

The poetry, words of wisdom comes from inner motives of a
Good heart that gives us privilege to express the hidden
Beauty of thoughts inside mind to put it in words.

The power to dominate inside individual for beauty and
Wonder purpose of life.

© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
13 May 2006
7: 50 AM

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