DL (02-24-1997 / charlotte)

Heart Of Truth

the heart in all of us my not show the true colors but show the fake blend of lies you live

your heart is hiding for you do not know what lies around the conner of fear and reget

whats the worst that could happen but wait what does your colors show of your self

does it show love and compasion or does it show hatred and Lies.

i have seen both sides of me it is taring me a part the lies the threats the deathes

O yes the dreadful death its self how it takes the life of people near and dear it takes them and passes them on to the lighter side

but your true colors have that hidden in your vanes your unthinkable thought of killing

you dont show your true colors because your colors are faded they have no luck you cant use them because it will make the picture worse

for you are a murderer your true colors hide the blood stained knife the burned body and the live the life you took it hodes the key to the mystery

you thought that it was hidden away but then it was unlock the truth is coming out you can not take the pressure off the death the death of the innocent

it kills you in side and out taring you every last which way until you are nothing more than grain a grain of sand that has been hid under all the others.

but know you have sufurfaced and know the truth has been let out let out into the the world know you heard the knock on you door

but then BOOM i cant be held againest my will if i am not here to be held againest it

by dillon Lowery

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I like your poems. Watch the grammer though.