(July 7th 1988 / Lima, Ohio)

Heart On The Floor

'Heart on the Floor'
This heart is left bleeding on the floor,
slamming in between the wall and the door.
She told me she never really loved me,
and that we really were never meant to be.
My first hint was the condom found on my bed,
what did she say his name was...Jed?
We got into a fight, and she knew I was right.
The pain I feel cannot be told,
why wasn't I more bold?
These games make me tired,
and now I hear her and Jed...just getting 'fired'.
Their sounds haunt me, its time to let go so I can finally see.
Another step closer to my doom,
left all alone...my heart in this bleeding room.

by Brandon Chiles

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Bad trip Brandon.Plenty more fish in the sea pal. All the best Sid John.