I Am In Love

I am in love
With books
As they are
Like my life
My Life is like
A page written
In Black and white
Read and turn
Never look back
As the past been
Eaten up
Good or bad.
Tomorrow my future
The Next chapter
An adventure
Between the lines
I find life- a beauty
The new opportunity,
The second chance
Which I under lines
With a color full pen
Never mind whether
Lose or win, loss or gain,
As The story never end
Of the true lovers
In pain or pleasure
Chapter after chapter
Grief or relief
Story must go on.

by Abdul Wahab

Comments (3)

Splendid work. Exotic feelings fantastically expressed. Neatly woven words. Will you teach me that Mantra, which has kept you alive still.I adore you Madam. Regards. -Pradeep Can you comment on my poems? In life devote yourself to love and joy Be like an innocent boy, Those who live, in the end must all die Live as if you are above the sky. I watched the birds on nature’s altar, Playful, in flight, and merrily flutter. Thus opened the doors of my eyes and ear, Learnt each moment to remain in cheer. I’d never be born, If my coming were up to me, I’d go with scorn, If my going were on my wish Isn’t it better that in this world, so old and mulish Never to be born. Neither stay, nor torn away be? Same hands that formed this earth, And caused for us to take birth. Same hands that led us hence, and when done, Will take us away, as if we are none.
I love this piece, especially the first stanza. I have read it many times so far... Jolanta :)
Let not heartbreak feel that it has won......................... Let that be the final say..... I loved the way you have expressed yourself in each line... It looked as if you have really taken the pain and interest on each & every word rightly placed in the poem. Good job.