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Heart Open, Thoughts Revealed..

Red eyes..3 am, hurting and all,
arms that wont pull me up,
legs that shake with each step I take.
bending and breaking.
My heart gave out, gave up.

Knuckles red, from the punching of the wall,
Mind twisting from all the thoughts,
that never seem to end..
the touching of the floor,
taking my soul underground.
leaving like everything else..
souless, blank stare,
into nowhere..

Rotting in my surroundings,
thoughts unclear,
words never seem to make sense.
Hands reaching.. but for what?

Alone in a crowd,
I think its starting again..
The memories like time bombs..
reminding me every second of the day..
Each thing you've said.. reminds me of how you taken my breath away..
Love was never suppose to find me..

laying calm.. in my bed..
ceiling, I look upon..
its you I see..
as I watch all I believed in.. Crash and Burn..
as I vision the one I love.. in anothers arm,
as I watch this heart break all over again..
with the left over pieces..
leaving me breathless..
empty all over again..
just a hole in my chest..
unbearable pain, agony against my throat,
chest.. stomach..

Its my death bed... leave me be..
if I wasnt already Dead.....

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