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Heart: : Rains Reigning....
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Heart: : Rains Reigning....

Sometimes Stasis, to turbulence
Life's perpetuating a storm
Conflating love, hatred and adorn

Hate me
Wanna cry in Anguish

Exhausted dump me
Mind's false bursting apprehensions

Parting, excuse me
Wanna consumed in infernal serene loneliness

Loser, I am
Insanity fumed, Life's totally consumed

First love, whats love
A Celestial, a fairy, hates
Hatred, rejections been my perfect Dates

Annihilated, extirpated, totally exhousted
Life depressed, dark sere of anguish perpetuated

Don't love me
Rocked abosom, feelings ice frozen

Life's expectations, rife rejections
Longing, hell to perfection

Image tarnished
smattered, none to garnish

Don't empathies
A phoenix risen, fears might wizen

Don; t talk
Life epitomised introspecting aloof walk

Don't like me
Eccentric, hate me incessantly

Frosake joking
My heart emotions Raining

Try crying me
Eyes withered, tears forever feathered

I won't risen
No dreams, cann't fly
My wings forever wizened

In my life
wherever I go
loneliness always follow
Life for me a dark hollow

Dark spectre, fearing abiss
My life in dark fathomless skies
With the sounds, my groans and cries

World's envies, never depart
Vanquished knives, my life's apart

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Well, I could not get any feeling but maybe lonelybness, but it wasn't strong. It was a little to disconnected, but may be better when read aloud.