In The Heart Of Suffering

When the justice becomes blind,
And Dark surrounds mankind
Blood Suckers from blackness come out,
To kill, to tug, and serve the Dark,
By leaving shattered corpses behind,
And rivers made of blood.

Blood Suckers
Enjoy the fight, and moaning sounds,
On the bloody play grounds
Where Angels lost their smiles,
And begin to scream, and cry,
And feel the sorrow digging their heart.

Blood Suckers
With coldness; on the blood,
Bloodied Mothers' life,
Mourn, maim,
Stab, and sprain,
Burn, and break their hearts,
It's a Symphony of pain I write.

Blood Suckers
Why don't you let life goes on?
Leave Peace, and Love come back to life,
Even you,
Could live in Peace, Harmony, and sharing us the same love,
By stopping shedding Innocents' blood,
Causing blight;
At every place, and side
Day and night.

by Amine Fadil

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