Heart's Burning

In my heart I'm burning while inflaming my desire
As the road of life becomes dire I consider
Myself a gem ad-mist life and her moments
With drive and passion as my inner atonement
Unspoken words becomes the hardest spoken
NO doubt I'm leaving the world with gems
And plenty tokens it was I whom was chosen
Leading and pulling strings in constant motion
Adrenaline running its river as vast as the
Oceans I'll be everything that you're seeking

Everything that you believe in let me ease
Any pain I'll be your reason for living
No need for concealment Tis every season
I'm Granting Hopes in dreams even when Life
Became such a mystery I became everything
You wanted and everything you needed
While pioneering the reaching through my
Poems and their teachings that
People continues seeking I became
The World's Adviser for guidance

With my poems sparking a revolution
People getting excited as one
We became united heed my words
Through spirit as I close my eyes
And see the clearing emotions are
Searing as I finally gained my bearings
Thanking each one of you for even
Caring because with-out you I couldn't
Have made it you have helped me
To raise the bar on many occasions
I'm always left in amazement
I was the kid writing poems in the basement
Success the only thing that he was chasing
With Hearts and Souls that he was encasing
Legacies became cemented with every
Intention of keeping all hope extended


by Laquory Jones

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