Heart's Song, The Inadequacy Of Words

Poem By Hugh Cobb

How can I express the inexpressible?
Paint with words a portrait of my heart
when I think of you -
Not the pulsing muscle
pumping blood
but the whirling center
of feeling itself?

Descriptions fail;
though I might compare you
to a day in late Spring
when life bursts forth
changeable as
weather in early June.

I could tell you how
I fell, helpless, beneath your gaze,
my heart willing captive
to laughing eyes & winsome smile.
How it sings when we speak;
how I remain in thrall
held by the beauty of your spirit;
how it longs for your presence
in more than memory
or a disembodied voice
in the ether.

I could tell you all this
& so much more
it could fill volumes
& still not suffice.
Just know this:

My heart has made its choice
& I, its rapt & hopeless slave,
can only surrender & obey.

(Copyright 12/30/2005)

Comments about Heart's Song, The Inadequacy Of Words

How beautiful. Your words how they flowed, makes on envious over the woman who was the inspiration for this. Simply Wondeful. Regards, Patricia
Wow, this is true romance Hugh! What a lucky woman she is.........this really is beautiful. Sincerely, Mary
This is beautiful and so very romantic - your lady is very lucky to know you feel that way. Very nice. Warmest regards, CJ
Hugh, this is a sublime discourse on frustration, no matter how mellifluent we are ther will always be a time when we are stuck; when words will fail us. This piece is not concerned with romantic yearning it is an observation on our limited abilities. At the same time as expressing those limitations you put the message of love over very well. Which seems ironic.
Thanks for this poem, another victim of desire.

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