PS (April,10,1991 / )

Heart Tales 01

It's your broken pieces that completed my missing pieces,
It's your hollowness and sorrow that shined on my loneliness,
It's your scars that bring me the serenity under the moon,

And in your embrace I have found my escape,

You speak I should walk away before I seep into your darkness,

But my heart seeks you - as you are,

The burden on your shoulders,
The fear of an unknown future,
Abandoned in your past,
Keeping you in my arms till dawn,
Our heart beats synchronize,

A kiss stolen,
Suddenly I'm all yours,
You're all mine,

How could the world understand -
Or would they,
Two broken souls have come together,
The fire growing between us,
A birth of healing love,

Don't get scared,
Don't walk away,
I sing a lullaby,
Cherishing the seconds of your presence,

I am not afraid,
Your hands I hold tight,
Your fingers run through my soul,
Emotions collide,
The fire consumes us,

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