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(heart Torn To Peices With An Arrow Shot Through)

Written october 7th 2005

Love is an object, for better or for worse.
It is a pain but it defiantly can get worse.
Love is a chance one gets at least once.
You wound others if you dont feel enough.
Promising this can often be a lie.
Leaving them or you to walk off and cry.
Tears of Joy may follow afterwards while they're gone.
But if you think about it your left alone.
Giving love a chance takes courage and respect.
Giving it all away is a test.
Unless it makes you feel as if time has flown by.

Love can be music to your ears
Dancing, Singing, shouting out your Fears! !
Never alone again as busy as ever.
Except when your feeling under the weather.
Love makes everything taste so much better
it could even make you see food as a lie.
Depending on your personality you may feel
as if you want to die.
After Love you may feel alone.
Dieing, Crying, Hiding from everyone you used to know.

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