Heart-Touching Poems Just For You!

The poets of the world reflect
Upon life's major themes,
For poetry we can respect,
As thoughts fulfill our dreams...
From childhood fairy tales once read,
To epics heroes graced,
To future hopes, or prayers we've said,
Or challenges we've faced...

Or could it be that poets shared
What most of us have thought,
Yet we've held back and never dared,
Like battles never fought?
Yet this I know, of all great muse,
The talents overflow,
Just like the best wine Man could choose,
The finest Man could know...

The idle poet merely pens
His new words in his mind,
The better poet looks for friends
From thoughts still there to find...
He mulls things over, edits well,
Presents his finest rhyme,
He knows he's found a tale to tell
That all could call sublime...

But seldom does he tug the heart,
Play pathos as a game,
Instead, he's faithful to his art,
Not seeking public fame...
But should he sometimes love or mourn,
Take note of all he writes,
For suddenly, his heart's been torn
And inspiration lights...

It's then the poet transcends all
He ever wrote before,
Transformed, he's like a miracle
Who thrills us to the core...
His passion pierces every page,
His power rages on,
Till finally, he's reached the stage,
The light that shone has gone...

Yet when it shone, it paved the way,
For others to embrace,
So they could write by night and day,
To reach the Human Race...
For there's no other species here
That's more in need of love,
For courage, that can conquer fear
And simply rise above...

The poet has such burdens, too,
And offers us new hope,
With poems that say, 'I love YOU! '
Or truths that help us cope...
His heart beats like a twinkling star,
A beacon in the skies...
Thank God, no matter where you are,
His wisdom makes you wise...

Denis Martindale 16th of April 2016.

by Denis Martindale

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