Heart Turned To Stone

Crying interiorly, tears flowing incessantly from a mind
as this heart turns to stone, leaving me on shores of
another land.

Being a stranger in it's realms, knowing nothing of how
to deal with this difficult situation that I have found
myself in.

Stopping in mid-life, turning around, not able to go back,
not wanting to go forward anymore.

Acknowledging facts that nothing will ever be the same
again, having died and been brought back again.

Everyone expecting me to be glad, and yet the sorrow has
quenched this being who wants to go back to that other life
where it was peaceful and contented.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (1)

A good imagery is drawn here with a heavy heart and a gloomy mind, predicting the other world to be far better and peaceful than this one. I wish let that be, but to be truthful - not sure about whether the other world exists at all and if so, is it comforting. Thanks for opening the new door to move ahead.